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The Embedded Clauses and Advanced Pronouns Module consists of 7 lessons plus a placement and post test:
  1. Distinctions between first, second, and third person pronouns.
  2. Pronoun case:
    • I, me, my, myself
    • you, yourself, yourselves
    • we, us, our
    • he, him, his, himself
    • she, her, herself.
  3. Direct speech ("I want you to help him tie her shoes") vs. reported speech ("The boy said that he wants me to help him tie her shoes.")
  4. Imperative sentences ("Help me tie my shoes")
  5. Embedded sentences ("The girl said that she wants the boy to take her to her school"; "The girl told the boy to clean up his lunch.")
  6. Embedding a sentence with one verb tense inside a sentence with a different verb tense, including past future ("The boy said that he would clean up his lunch").
A total of 400 exercises.