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What Parents Say

(Testminials on GrammarTrainer, the earlier version of SentenceWeaver)

"The Grammar Trainer program has really benefited my son. I have noticed that he no longer has the occasional pronoun reversals and uses his words more appropriately." (Catherine Swanson in Clinton, Utah)

"This program is much better than other software programs I have tried. My son is making a lot of progress." (Lan Gao in New Jersey)

"Our son is making a few more complete verbal sentences rather than just phrases and has gotten more conversational." (Ron Wang in Washington State)

"My son loves the GrammarTrainer! We have not had a single problem with motivation." (C. Clark in Kansas City)

"I really like the program and look forward to the more advanced lessons." (E.M. in Richmond, Virginia)

"A friend we haven't seen in a while came over and my son asked her lots of "where" and "what" questions! I think that this is a result of the question work he has done with GrammarTrainer." (Jill Harrison in Colorado)

"Our son's school teacher noticed he is adding verbs into his daily talking. He is using longer sentences to express himself." (Rebecca Wall in Washington State)

"A really great program and definitely has improved my son's language and his written work." (Annette Vogt in Ontario)



Welcome to SentenceWeaver

The SentenceWeaver teaches grammar through text and pictures.

The SentenceWeaver, a new version of GrammarTrainer with text-to-speech and an upgraded interface, is now available. Watch this video of the program in action:

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SentenceWeaver can help people of all ages who:

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