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There are four levels in the GrammarTrainer program.

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The GrammarTrainer Program

GrammarTrainer Level II

GrammarTrainer2 consists of 30 lessons, and uses text and illustrations to teach:

  1. past, present and future tenses.
  2. negated expressions like doesn't, don't, didn't, and won't
  3. subjects, objects and indirect objects
  4. pronouns: he, she, it, they, him, her
  5. time expressions like today, tomorrow, yesterday, two days ago, in hours, on weekdays
  6. basic words for different facial expressions (happy, sad, angry, scared, worried)
  7. possessive nouns and pronouns: the girl's, the boy's, his, her, their
  8. complex prepositions as in The boy is taking the hat out from behind the box.
  9. relative clauses like the boy who is sleeping on the floor and the chair that the girl is sitting in.
  10. practice answering what, which, and who questions
  11. how to answer how questions with by phrases as in The girl got from the house to the tree by swimming.
  12. how to answer why questions with because clauses as in The boy is holding an umbrella because it's raining.

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By the final lessons of GrammarTrainer2 your child combines all these skills to discriminate among most types of types of complex questions and produce even longer and more complex responses.

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"Grammar Trainer is going so well I wish we had it for math, too. It is the PERFECT way to teach Nat. We are on Lesson 10, and he now picks up the way to respond very quickly, using captial letters, pronouns, the whole bit! I love it!!! I never thought we'd get this far. "

(Susan Senator in Massachusetts, author of Just a Family: Finding Happiness in the Shadow of Autism)