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There are four levels in the GrammarTrainer program.

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The GrammarTrainer Program

GrammarTrainer Level III

GrammarTrainer3 consists of 41 lessons, and uses text and illustrations to teach:

  1. how to ask a variety of complex questions, including yes/no, who, what, where, which, and why.
  2. passive sentences like The boy was kissed by the girl.
  3. compound verb tenses as in In three hours the boy will have swum.
  4. subordinate clauses as in The girl was swimming while the boy was reading.
  5. embedded clauses as in The boy wants the girl to give him an apple.
  6. sentences with verbs of saying as in The girl said that she was hungry.
  7. comparative sentences like The more presents the boy has, the more excited he gets.
  8. if-then sentences as in If the girl says "boo" then the boy will feel scared.
  9. more time expressions: before, after, while, until
  10. how to calculate first, second, and third person pronouns from different frames of reference
    • I, me
    • we, us
    • you, your
    • he/him/his, she/her, they/them

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By the final lessons of GrammarTrainer3 your child combines all these skills to answer of variety of highly complex questions, produce even longer and more complex responses, and formulate a variety of complex questions on his own.

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"Grammar Trainer is going so well I wish we had it for math, too. It is the PERFECT way to teach Nat. We are on Lesson 10, and he now picks up the way to respond very quickly, using captial letters, pronouns, the whole bit! I love it!!! I never thought we'd get this far. "

(Susan Senator in Massachusetts, author of Making Peace With Autism)